Here are some of the projects I have worked on and am proud enough of to publicise here.

  • 🎥 One Second Every Day

    Since the 23rd June 2016, my 18th birthday, I have been recording one second of every day of my life. This all started out after watching Cesar Kuriyama's fantastic TED talk on his project of the same name and nature. I wouldn't be lying if I said… read more

  • ⠪ Mapping the Internet, part deux

    Did reading the previous instalment of "mapping the internet" leave you a bit... underwhelmed? Same here. I mean, sure I had built a little program that could follow and store links on the internet, but it couldn't be ran continuously (could not… read more

  • 📍 Visualising location history

    So this one is more of a revisit than a totally unique project, but this all came about thanks to a little sprinkling of dependency hell. The goal of this little project was to be able to visualise my google location history (and other source of… read more

  • ⠪ Mapping the Internet (?)

    Once upon a time I was looking at my website, and I realised that I tend to link to a lot of random sites within each post I write. I thought it would be interesting to find out all of the sites that I link to, and see if I could categorise them… read more

  • 👨‍🎓 Graduating in a Pandemic/Recession

    So yeah, that text message above is the only celebration of completing university that I have... My sister graduated a year before me, and photos of her throwing her cap in the air are scattered around my family's mantlepieces. Yet, all I have is a… read more

  • ☔️ E-Ink Weather Dashboard

    Another one of my lockdown projects... I've always like the idea of making an always-on display. Something like the Magic Mirror project , or a productivity dashboard using an LCD display , but I also wanted something that is a bit more visible in… read more

  • 📸 Indoor Garden Timelapse

    Indoor Garden Timelapse Another lockdown project! For some reason I've been getting into gardening over the lockdown, from building an automatic irrigation system for our newly built vegetable patch to taking part (and winning) a sunflower growing… read more

  • 📦 IPFS Web Hosting

    2020 has been defined by The Lockdown . From March to July (and perhaps again, if the second wave is to come), basically everything shut down and we were all forced to spend time with family, and do nothing. Well, around this time I was thinking… read more

  • 🍲 Risotto Play

    Sometime back in 2018, a friend of mine started building his own programming language, "Risotto" (although I wanted the name to be "Ravioli" so the syntax could be "Ravioli Ravioli, give me the formuoli" , but I digress). Anywho, I've enjoyed using… read more

  • 📈 Graphing Monzo Growth

    Monzo is a digital "challenger" bank from the UK. I thought it would be interesting to use GitHub to automatically update and store data regarding the growth of Monzo's current account user numbers. Since their website includes an auto updating… read more

  • 🦠 COVID-19 (Coronavirus) automatic predictions

    Confirmed COVID-19 cases prediction This project was a slightly morbid experiment with data plotting and predictions. The idea was to have a set of graphs that can automatically update as new data is published, since the coronavirus pandemic is such… read more

  • ⚡️ Automated speedtest internet monitoring

    A quick monitoring project. As anyone from the UK will know, our internet speeds aren't quite up to par with the rest of the developed world . From personal experience, I very rarely achieve the advertised internet speeds, even when directly… read more

  • 📆 WhatsUpKent: Everything happening at the University of Kent

    In October 2019, I was looking for a challenge. University was going ok, but I didn't feel stimulated enough, and wanted to see what else there was on offer. Turns out paying £9k per year to learn from 20 year old textbooks isn't exactly riveting… read more

  • 🖌 Git Art

    My roommate Tim and I decided to start challenging ourselves with little applications we could develop. The first thing we thought of was a way to decorate your GitHub activity board, example below: The idea being that you could just draw or type… read more

  • 🖥 Open Source Portfolio Website

    This very site you are reading, is open source, under the A-GPL licence with all the source code hosted on GitHub . You may fork it and fill in your own data if you wish, which is surprisingly easy to do, all thanks to GatsbyJS ! I created this with… read more

  • 🎵 Musish: The Unofficial, Open Source Apple Music Web Player

    Github Stars On December 1st 2018, a group of friends and I attended the MLH Local Hack Day in San Francisco. Made by myself , Brychan , Raphael , and Filip . This particular hackathon was sponsored by GitHub and Microsoft, and had a theme of… read more