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24 Years Old

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From 23rd June 2022 to 23rd June 2023.

This year has been an unfortunate reset.

Coming back from “the Italian trip”, I am forced to scrap my beloved but troublesome Z4. However I continue to enjoy a wonderful summer, I take Feiyang camping, we try surfing, I go to Wimbledon, Northern Ireland, several weddings, long walks and a bit of kayaking.

November was the hardest month to date. I’m crashed into on the way to a holiday with Feiyang, totalling my car. I lose my best friend, Nan. Things are put back into perspective. We have a quieter Christmas.

I set goals for 2023, to learn, and to travel. I make an attempt to pick up Mandarin, I set a new personal reading record, and put into motion plans to spend some time out of work. I move out of my flat and wish Konrad all the best at Google. My cousin and her wife got married in Scotland!

Around this point, my Grandad’s Dementia has worsened to the point where we move him into a care home and my parents tackle selling both his and my Nans houses. Our adoring but ailing dog, Dusta, has to be put down.

However, the year ends on a high with summer back in full swing! Dad retires just in time for us to spend mine and my sister’s birthday on a boat in the Norfolk Broads!

My Mum has been our rock. Feiyang has been there for everything. I wish my parents the best start to their happy retirement. Stay tuned!