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22 Years Old

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From 23rd June 2020 to 23rd June 2021.

First year in full time work (at a smol company called ThoughtMachine) and first year I missed a few days filming!

With most of my life + lifestyle banned under pandemic restrictions it’s been a bit quieter than I would have liked, and there’s been some tough times, but things will change!

Kicked off this year climbing a mountain, exploring Cornwall, spending a lot of time sat behind a computer, had a wonderful Christmas with the family, walked dozens of kilometres hanging out with my dad, and then walked 42k in one day with Sam!

I built a dashboard, link scraper and a few other things, shaved my head, impulse bought an old bmw as a semi fixer-upper, travelled to Scotland the day after lockdowns started to lift and ended the year starting to see people again!